Adults, what is one thing you would by from a thirteen year old?

Adults, what is one thing you would by from a thirteen year old?

Adults, what is one thing you would by from a thirteen year old?

I was thinking about making snack trays for super bowl parties but thats awhile a way. What else would you buy? Any thing with food!

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it depends how well you advertise!

if you live in a smaller town you could more easily create your own business because people might take more notice of a new “catering” company.

sweets! cotton candy, popcorn. . . i buy any sweets when im at a game or whatever. hehe or foam fingers

Great idea! The holiday’s are coming up, what about holiday themed cookies? People are always looking for little goodies like that to bring to work and share around the holiday’s. Good luck!

Try to be inventive here. Make up something like brownies or cookies but put a little twist on it. Being unique will work.

all the chocolate chip cookies you can bake. veggie and dip packs, hot dogs. jello cups. . with whipped cream.

Unfortunately, before you try this, you’re going to need to check your local regulations about selling food and what inspections/rules you have to have to be legal. But if you can come up with a unique food product that is just a little different from others, you’ll have no problem.

what would i buy from a 13 year old? hmmm prolly an israeli arms UZI or a russian made AK-47. . . full-auto, of course. . .

I prefer non-food items from a 13 year old, to tell you the truth. Think of some useful crafts or something.

what a great idea!!i would buy the snack trays and anything homemade. small decorated plastic buckets with a bad of microwaveable popcorn in each may be a thought. at our parties at a club we use these type of buckets like gift baskets,and put chips,popcorn,cookies and a teddybear with a team logo on it and wrap cellophane around with ribbon on top in the team colors!!good luck on whatever you choose i could go on and on with these ideas.

Sorry In Canada You need Food Safe to sell food. . at the age of 13 you can’t sell food unless it is approved by something that has Food Safe. . You’re getting in trouble with the Law if you sell food without Food Safe if you’re in Canada. Some cities they are lenient and allow Lemonade stands. . that’s the one thing I’d buy from a 13teen year old but if your a Girl Guide and has homemade cookies I will buy some. . I won’t pay $4 for store bought cookies I can get for $1. 00 at the store! From what I understand most Girl Guides are taught by somewhat that has Food Safe. That’s what my friend Patsy R told me she was a Girl Guide! If you’re a Girl Guide make your cookies under the guidance of Food Safe holder. . you’ll sell more! I use to buy about 3 trays of homemade caramel cookies from Girl Guides. . I miss those cookies! I have to make them myself but haven’t been able to match the flavour! Basically if you sell food make sure You Have someone with Food Safe with you when you sell them!

I would lean away from the food thing. . . sorry but I worry about regulations too!

Is there a service you can provide or a craft you can make? There is a little old man who lives near us who started his own Grandpa’s dog doo doo service. He charges $5 per week per dog to go pick up your dog’s mess. Not a lot right? Well, he clears over $500 a month. Nice little extra each month for him. My point, find what you are good at and roll with it!

Make home-baked stuff, but something that is unique and can be identified as you. No matter how it turns out, you’ll get a clientele, and if it’s identifiable as you/yours, you’ll become known and get a “fan club” of customers.

It could be anything. . . . even blue and purple striped icing on cupcakes. . just come up with a cute or memorable reason for it, and ppl will remember it, and keep coming back.

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