Health Effects Of Marijuana

Health Effects Of Marijuana

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Like all medication, there are benefits and side effects to the marijuana use.

These health effects of marijuana are both good and bad. The good health effects of marijuana are the aspects of drug that are used as a medicine. The bad effects of the marijuana are what make them dangerous for the general public to use.

It is the balance of the benefits and risk of the drug that the doctors who prescribe this medication to their patients are hoping to achieve. Meanwhile, genetic engineering of marijuana plants helps to eliminate the side effects, making marijuana the most natural and beneficial drug on the market.

All medications have a good side and a bad side. Even medications like Aspirin have health risks. These risks can include stomach ulcers and blood thinning problems. The benefits of the medication are decrease in pain in the patient’s head and joints. The Aspirin also has the benefit of thinning the blood, reducing the chances of a heart attack or stroke. These benefits must out weigh the risks for the medication to be used by the patient to treat a condition. In most cases, this is an easy enough process for the doctor to determine and easy for the patient to monitor.

Marijuana is no exception to the rule of medicine. There are heath benefits and health effects of marijuana. The balance between the plusses and minuses with the medication is essential to the determination of if the medicine should be used. There is a lot of debate as to the true benefits and risks of marijuana, although those who prescribe and use the drug will readily admit that the drug does help in the management of their conditions. They will also admit that there is the chance of the drug being dangerous if it is used inappropriately, although though they will argue that all medicines are dangerous if used inappropriately.

The health effects of marijuana that are considered good are thought to be very good for specific health concerns. One of the earliest benefits that marijuana was used to provide patients is the decrease in ocular pressure. This benefit is very important to those that have glaucoma. Those that have mal-absorption problems often find that the marijuana is able to help them to eat more, enjoy eating more and absorbing more food. The cancer patient also uses these health effects of marijuana in order to reduce the chances of nausea and vomiting due to problems in the intestines caused by chemotherapy and radiation. Those individuals who experience frequent pain use marijuana to relax their muscles and reduce the anxiety that is associated with the pain.
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