cancer therapeutics - cancer clinical drug therapeutics trials weight

cancer therapeutics - cancer clinical drug therapeutics trials weight

www.coleypharma.comColey Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.www.mediolanum-farma.comMediolanum farmaceutici Groupwww.oxti.comOxxon Therapeuticswww.reddyus.comReddy US Therapeutics, Inc. - - Homewww.cticseattle.comCell Therapeutics Cancer Research, Cancer Therapies, and...www.regeneron.comRegeneronwww.seattlegenetics.comSeattle Genetics - mAb therapies for cancerwww.pumc-pharm.comPUMC Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Coley Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.www.coleypharma.comColey Pharmaceutical Group discovers, develops and commercializes TLR Therapeutics (tm), a new class of drugs that direct the immune system to treat chronic diseases. Coley''s pipeline features clinical stage products to treat cancers, infectious diseases, and asthma and allergy.

Mediolanum farmaceutici Groupwww.mediolanum-farma.comMediolanum farmaceutici is an industrial group, based in Italy with subsidiaries in France and USA, dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialisation of a varied portfolio of products, which include drugs to treat hypertension, vascular disorders, inflammatory diseases, allergies, iron deficiencies, infections, myopia and migraine. Mediolanum''s present research is focused on Alzheimer''s disease, antithrombotic and antibradycardia compounds, LHRH agonists and GHRP. Products under development include therapeutics for prostate cancer, thrombosis and growth hormone deficiencies.

Oxxon Therapeuticswww.oxti.comOxxon Therapeutics, Inc. (Oxxon) is advancing the next generation of innovative immunotherapies to treat patients with chronic infectious diseases and cancer.

Reddy US Therapeutics, Inc. - Homewww.reddyus.comReddy US Therapeutics, Inc. was established in November 1999. We are a subsidiary of Dr. Reddy''s Laboratories Limited, Hyderabad, India. As part of Dr. Reddy''s Discovery Research division, we are dedicated to discovering novel therapeutics that address unmet medical needs in diabetes, cardiovascular, anti-infectives, inflammation and cancer - Homewww.biomira.comBiomira is a biotechnology company applying its leading technology in immunotherapy and organic chemistry for the development of cancer therapeutics. The Company''s commitment to the development of products for the treatment of cancer is currently focused on synthetic therapeutic vaccines and innovative strategies for immunotherapy of cancer. We are the Cancer Vaccine People*.

Cell Therapeutics Cancer Research, Cancer Therapies, and...www.cticseattle.comTaking a different approach to cancer treatment and cancer research through safer, more effective cancer therapies.

Regeneronwww.regeneron.comRegeneron is a biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and intends to commercialize therapeutic medicines for the treatment of serious medical conditions. Regeneron has therapeutic candidates in clinical trials for the potential treatment of obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer, and has preclinical programs in asthma, allergies, and other diseases and disorders. Regeneron''s platform technologies include Velocigene, FASTR, Targeted Genomics, Functionomics, and Designer Protein Therapeutics

Seattle Genetics - mAb therapies for cancerwww.seattlegenetics.coma biotechnology company focused on enhancing the survival of cancer patients through monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics

PUMC Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.www.pumc-pharm.comChina Chinese pharmaceuticals medicines drugs therapeutics biotechnology cancer oncology gastroenterology.pain management diagnostics diabetes renal failure cardiovascular respiratory immunology joint ventures partnerships Peking Union Medical College China Academy of Medicine

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