January, 2013 HealTheBooks.info

January, 2013  HealTheBooks.info

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The Best Alternative Medicine For Yeast Infections

It always amazes me how people can persistently continue with the use of conventional medications even when they seem ineffective after repeated use. However, I must admit that I used to be one of those as well but not anymore.

You see, I was a yeast infection sufferer and like many who suffer from this dreadful infection, I use to try one medication after another. I also would repeatedly use the same drug over and over again in the hope that it would one day cured me of this dreadful disease. But, you guess right. I have no success at all! I was helpless and did not know of any alternative medicine for yeast infections.

Well, glad to say that this was in the past and now I can proudly say that I’m yeast free, thanks to a little treatment advice that I found, quite by chance. So if you are anything like me, with no success in treating yeast infection with conventional drugs and is looking for alternative medicine for yeast infections, then read on as I would share this little yeast infection remedy that I have found with you today.

Conventional drugs commonly used for yeast infections treatment like Miconazole, Canestan or Fluconazole are effective in relieving the symptoms of a yeast infection. They act by killing off the yeast cells and you find yourself “free” of the horrible symptoms associated with the yeast infection like irritation, pain, itch and you would have thought that you are “cured”. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but no, you aren’t cured and very soon, the symptoms will re-appear again. Whyall This is because the drugs would not solve the root of your problem. They kill off the yeast but after a while, the yeast will overgrow again and your symptoms will be back. It takes more than simply getting rid of the yeasts. You need a more holistic approach to treating yeast infections

You see, yeast will overgrow when your body is out of balance and this is what you need to address when treating yeast infections. There are foods that would help you in maintaining proper health and warding off diseases and there are foods that would encourage the yeast population to flourish. You need to know what are the kind of foods that yeast hates and the kind that they love. Equip yourself with this valuable information and you are near victory in your battle against yeast infections. These are no special foods but are just the usual foods that we take everyday. You just need to know how to choose the right type.

“But what about the symptoms? I need to get rid of them fast, how can I do that without waiting for my body to be in balance?” I heard you asking. Understandably, you can’t bring your body back into balance to ward off the yeasts immediately but you can relief the symptoms while waiting and these can be done quite easily and quickly. Simple stuff that you can easily find in your kitchen like vinegar, yogurt can be used as alternative medicines for yeast infections and you would be surprise at how effective they really are. It’s simple but yet natural and effective. Best of all they are free of side effective commonly seen using drugs.

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