The circumstances pregnant women shouldnt exercise - The Child Health Blog

The circumstances pregnant women shouldnt exercise - The Child Health Blog

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The circumstances pregnant women shouldnt exercise

Exercise during pregnancy is recommended to help pregnant mothers stay healthy throughout pregnancy and help birth easier.However ,exercise are not always be allies of pregnant women. With the circumstances pregnant women shouldnt exercise be listed below,to exercise during pregnancy, pregnant women must be very attentive to consult doctor before ,find out the most appropriate exercises with sensitive status of themselves or stop exercising during pregnancy to ensure the health.

The pregnant women with a history of preterm birth before 37 weeks of age

If in a previous pregnancy , you ve given birth to a baby is 37 weeks old , or you are faced with signs of preterm labor, best to avoid any subject whatsoever.At this time, pregnant women should follow the instructions carefully from doctor to ensure safety for the fetus .Chances are, you ll have to lie motionless for several weeks , then may move normally and set some gentle exercises like yoga to relax muscles .However , should consult doctor before exercising.

The pregnant women with a history or signs of miscarriage

If there has been a miscarriage , or are experiencing signs of risks such as bleeding , you should be careful in every gesture , movement.Going back too much , too strong advocacy can make the situation become worse .However , previous miscarriage does not mean you should stop exercising during pregnancy.Instead, consult your doctor about the appropriate time for you to exercise.Anyway , exercise can also help you become healthier , stronger.

The pregnant women having twins or multiple births

There is more than one baby is growing in the womb may increase the risk of preterm birth .Your doctor is the person to express an opinion whether you should exercise when pregnant or not.Based on the health status of mother and child , you will be assigned an appropriate exercise for health and strength .

The pregnant women experiencing abnormal placental condition

Any issues regarding the placenta also negatively affect the physical condition of pregnancy , because motion can cause uterine contractions or abnormal bleeding .According fact, most of pregnant women can exercise in the second trimester when has the placental problems , but still have to follow your doctors instructions .

The pregnant women with cardiovascular disease

Exercise during pregnancy increases the heart rate, and can affect the health of pregnant women .So if you own a weak physical , easily thrill or frequently have trouble breathing , chest discomfort when encountering something unexpected , it is best to limit exercise.These gentle exercises , such as meditation or gently breathing seems more appropriate .

The pregnant women has respiratory problems

Asthma topped this list .Breathe not right can seriously affect to pregnant women experiencing respiratory difficulty , especially asthma .Therefore , you should ensure you have been directed exercises suitable and safe in pregnancy.

The pregnant women with high blood pressure

Whether you suffer from chronic hypertension , or only during pregnancy , exercise during pregnancy is taboo. Physical activity can reduce blood pressure in general .

With the circumstances pregnant women shouldnt exercise be listed above, the exercise is not suitable for pregnant mothers health ,however , that does not mean that pregnant women can not exercise while pregnant .Instead of practicing sport subjects somehow , pregnant women can do the exercises yoga , meditation , qigong or consult your physician about exercise during pregnancy for their own condition in a few pregnancy certain time .

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