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Thailand is a magical tourist’s eye, and Bangkok, the capital, holds the greatest attractions. Bangkok’s attractions are an impressive spectacle for tourists arriving from all over the world. Many people do not know but Bangkok is one of the five cities with the highest number of tourists worldwide. The attractions of Bangkok are closely related to culture, religion and the recent history of Thailand. But Bangkok is not only impressive but also tourist destinations in the Asian city of greater diversity and cultural richness. In short, travel to Bangkok is not only travel to Bangkok are, so to speak, travel, multicultural heart of Asia. We invite you then to know some of the attractions of Bangkok highlights.

This is a group of buildings that have served as a royal residence since the eighteenth century to the mid-twentieth century. Started building in 1792 the extraordinary architecture of the complex and its exorbitant length make it an attraction in Bangkok you can not miss when traveling to Bangkok. The land comprising several buildings houses not only the palace but several very important places in history and culture of Bangkok and Thailand. Among the formidable points to be found in the complex of the Grand Palace of Bangkok is the Wat Phra Kaew which is of such importance that will be described separately below.

The Wat Phra Kaew is the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand. When Rama I moved the capital to Bangkok not only ordered the construction of the Royal Palace but this impressive house of worship that has the distinction of being extraordinarily beautiful, large and ornate but not inside houses monks unlike the other Buddhist temples in Thailand. In this magnificent house of worship is the famous Emerald Buddha, the most important religious symbol of Thailand. The small statue of Buddha sitting just 45 inches tall has become an object of great religious value. It should be noted that the Emerald Buddha, how could it be otherwise, but not emerald green jade and their clothes are made of gold.

Wat Po is the oldest temple in Bangkok. Its stunning luxury, human-sized sculptures and ceremonial air are just the prelude to what truly wonder of the Wat Po. Its exterior is certainly extraordinary in every way but within it we find it an impossibility: the Reclining Buddha. After take off our shoes to enter the temple we make the effort to look at the beautiful pictures of the interiors or architectural ornaments but we will look, you will and inevitably settles on him Reclining Buddha. The sculpture covered with gold material is much larger than have to walk around, walk away and come to contemplate it in its entirety. The grandeur of a sculpture of such extraordinary dimensions is fascinating and even more so when you are inside a temple.

A scene that makes us Westerners in Thailand is typical of people with a wicker hat semi-kite on a raft propelled by a crude paddle along a river. Well, it turns out that river, in Bangkok, called Cho Phraya and move rafts on the river channel to the shores of which there are plenty of grocery stores and food. When traveling to Bangkok you can be part of this shopping water. In Bangkok offers the service to take you through the canals of Cho Phraya to do shopping or simply enjoy the journey as is done through the canals of Venice.

Within the ever-teeming capital of Thailand is a place you can not miss when traveling to Bangkok and is one of its biggest tourist attractions. Lumpini Park is a large green area that allows an environment of extreme natural beauty and serenity to its visitors. Among the thousands of paths by which we can find a beautiful lawn lost, great trees, birds of all kinds, squirrels and lizards to a considerable size but absolutely harmless and very scary. Lumpini Park in Bangkok is an area of ​​relaxation and escape speed, smoke and chaos of the city, a site that you can not miss when traveling to Bangkok.